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Psychology for Cycling Performance

Psychological Assessment

Cyclists involved in accidents will often experience anxiety when they return to riding a bike.  This can involve avoidance of specific weather or road traffic conditions as well as anxiety when cornering, descending or in group riding.  They may also experience other changes such as poor sleep, loss of concentration, irritability and becoming withdrawn and depressed. 

As part of my doctoral research I carried out in-depth interviews with a number of cyclists who had been involved in, or witnessed, serious accidents and found that their effectiveness, participation and enjoyment of cycling had been affected as a result.  Through this research I have been able to identify the kinds of difficulties that cyclists encounter following accidents and I am able to use this knowledge to ensure that medico-legal assessment is carried out thoroughly.

Thorough and careful assessment is needed to explore the impact of an accident upon cycling activity, enjoyment and performance. Minor changes in a cyclist's perception of danger can have major effects on rider behaviour.  At Cyclotherapy all medico-legal assessments are carried out by Peter Hudson,a psychologist who is also a competitive cyclist and who understands the impact of accident and injury upon enjoyment and participation in the sport. 

Assessment also involves making treatment recommendations that are appropriate, ensuring that treatment enables a return to levels of performance and enjoyment as close as possible to pre-accident levels. See the Post Accident Rehabilitation section for further details.

Assessments are carried out in the following convenient locations: 

  • Bridgnorth, Shropshire
  • Bristol
  • Nottingham
  • Worsley, Greater Manchester
  • Coventry
  • Other locations possible- please enquire

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Psychological Assessment
Psychological Assessment