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Psychology for Cycling Performance

Recent Testimonials from Cyclotherapy clients:

"I started seeing Peter Hudson in late 2012, as I had been suffering with feelings of anxiety and panic whilst riding my bike on the open road. Earlier that year I had been involved in an altercation with a van driver, which had pretty much shattered my confidence about road riding. After the incident, whenever I rode on the road, I was flinching at every passing motorist. This made me jumpy and nervous and so I deferred to riding the turbo only.

After a while, I realised that I was missing the enjoyment of road riding and that something was clearly wrong. Furthermore, I had developed other phobias that centred around cycling safety, such as high speed technical descents, and they were adding to my riding 'block'. I decided to seek help with Peter Hudson at Cyclotherapy, because I realised that Peter was a  qualified psychologist as well as being a cyclist and would I hoped he would be able to see things from my perspective.

After explaining the situation to Peter, Peter helped re introduce to me riding on the road by giving me a set of goals during each of our sessions and that enabled me to gradually increase my exposure.


Over a period of time (I think I had 9 sessions with Peter in total) I have moved from doing all my riding on the turbo to being a normal cyclist again and doing the majority of it on the road. I now feel I have returned almost back to normal levels."

"I tried a few things this week that you mentioned ,
felt focused for my race on Saturday and did a pb of 53:54 for 25 miles so happy with that"  

"Cyclotherapy has helped me clearly identify my goals and deal with the mental blocks that are stopping me achieving these goals.

The work Peter and I have done has been invaluable in giving me a more positive and confident approach to racing."